Old Holiday, New Video

Will She Be Home for Christmas?

That is, of course, the question burning in everyone's mind throughout the year. Well, let's be honest, I could simply let you know whether or not she will be, but then I would deprive you of the mysterious mystery and anticipatory anticipation of finding out for yourself; let's not even mention the joy and happiness you'll get from watching the video all the way to the end. Yes, here it is, this year's Christmas production, courtesy of Jae and yours truly. This year we present that old jazzy classic...

As every year we had the very best of intentions to start planning the video sometime in September, shoot in October, edit in November, and publish in December. And, as every year, none of this happened according to plan. December 22nd comes around, and we look at each other, yelling in unison, "Oh, Snap! What about this year's Christmas video?"

So, after firing up the old synapses, trying to come up with a couple of ideas before the day is done, shooting it while dinner is simmering on the stove, and making the old computer do somersaults trying to render this stuff lickety-split (and if you know anything about computers, you know that "lickety-split" is NEVER how things work), I'm glad to report that the video made it out into the world, and, if you hurry, you could be among the very first to lay eyes on it. As usual we added a bit of our own brand of quirky silliness to the mix. Just wait until you see the stylish choreography I came up with - It's a doozy!

Hopefully you'll enjoy watching it as much as we enjoyed making it.

Merry Christmas, everyone... And a joyous and successful New Year!

T & Jae

When We All Thought It Couldn't Get Any Worse...

...Murphy proved us wrong, yet again. But, don't fret, old friend, we're here to lift the burden, to lighten the mood, to put a little smile on your tired face. It might sound cryptic at first but bare with me, because This Christmas we present Last Christmas. Yes, you read that right. And all that without any intimate knowledge of Einstein's relatively complicated Theory of Whatsitcalled? You know, the thing! We don't know much about time-travel, at least not more than the average citizen, and yet, the title stands...

You may have guessed by now, smart reader, that what we are referring to is that old cheese canon of an 80's tune about scorned love and sweet revenge. Yes indeed, it's Last Christmas by Wham! But, as usual, we put our own spin on it (and hopefully removed some of the cheese factor), and added a bit of fun and merriment to the whole affair. So, without further ado, here is your annual dose of Christmas shenanigans, courtesy of Jae Parris & Casual-T... We hope you enjoy!


Last Christmas - Jae Parris/Casual-T - Xmas 2021

A Story About Penguins

It's been a loooong time coming. My beloved Jae, aka Nanny BluJae, and I, have finally finished the children's book we've had in the works for over a year. Jae wrote the story and yours truly provided the illustrations. Between all the things life has thrown at us over this past year (courtesy of Murphy), it was a stop and go process; emphasizing the STOP part far too many times. Yet, it's finally here, and we are more than proud to present to you...

Five Litte Penguins ~At the North Pole~ on Amazon

If you have little ones, you know how important (and how much fun) it is to spend quality time with them. And what could provide better quality than reading to them and with them. This cute story teaches them some basic counting skills, about keeping warm in the winter, and the value of friendship. And to top it all off, it contains a link to Nanny BluJae's latest hit single The Penguin Shake. Trust me, the little ones love to shake along to this fun tune... The book is currently available in paperback and eBook formats on Amazon as well as through CasualCreates.art, and will soon be available in hardcover as well.

And with that I bid 2021 adieu, and hope that all of you good people out there stay safe, stay healthy, and most of all find happiness and joy in this life... Because if YOU don't, ain't nobody gonna find it for ya!!

- T

From One Father to All Others


Other than Christmas and the birthdays of a few select family members and close friends, I'm quite oblivious to holidays and festivities of all kinds, be they national, international, or all across the galaxy. Furthermore it seems that pretty much every group of people, or animals, or things, or activities, has some sort of "Day" these days. I think we pretty much jumped the shark as a species when the UN instituted WORLD TOILET DAY (it's on November 19th. Check it out, if you don't believe me). And just as an aside, why in the blazes is International Men's Day on the same date as World Toilet Day... Coincidence?? But let's move on.

So it should come as no big surprise that Father's Day usually comes as a big surprise to me. Which is exactly what happened again this year. The main indicator that something was afoot was that I received an early morning email with the subject line "Lack These Two Minerals And Risk A Permanent Limp Penis." Yup, definitely Father's Day. After ordering a month's supply of these "crucial penis minerals," I said to myself that something needs to be done about all of this, and grabbed my pen (a modern day metaphor for keyboard) and a freshly squeezed piece of paper (a modern day metaphor for computer screen) and got to work. The fruit of this labor you, dearest reader, are about to enjoy. Which I sincerely hope you will.

Once Per Annum
(A Father's Day Poem)

Composed by a father to honor fathers who are fathers, fathers who were, fathers who were fathers, and fathers who are, as of yet, to be fathers, and even fathers to be, as well as father’s fathers, fathers of fathers to be, and fathers of fathers who may not yet know that they are, will be, or may, perhaps, get a shot at being fathers. And now, before this goes any father, and without father ado, please sit back and enjoy (whether you’re a father or not).

Father! Father! Father!
We don't want to be a bother

We come with gifts
And presents, too
Some socks, a tie
And one brown shoe

The other one we sadly lost
But, nonetheless, we love you most
Because you're cool, and strong, and wise
And that should come as no surprise

So, on this day of fatherhood
We hope you're feeling extra good
Please know that we all do love you
Even with just one brown shoe

Written by Casual-T on the 20th day of the sixth month in the year 2021, according to the Gregorian calendar, somewhere in the middle of Indiana. How he got there, we may never know. Even he is not too sure on the specifics!

When in Doubt - Be Merry

This year has been quite a doozy, and I would be lying if I told you 2020 was all I had hoped for when it all started, these 12 long months ago. Well, I'm sure we all could go on and on, but I figured it would be best to simply charge forward and try and make the best of it.

With that being said, there is, of course, one major ingredient still missing to ensure everyone's merriment and full-on holiday cheer on this beautiful Christmas eve... Uhm... December 26th. Yes, yes, here it is, the thing you've all been patiently waiting for; it's T & Jae's annual Christmas presentation.

As every year, we put together a little something which we hope will brighten your day, make you smile and giggle, and, perhaps, make you say "Oh my, what a talented bunch these guys are." Jae is doing the singing, young Casual is looking cute, and I'm responsible for the music, the video, and the on-set catering (I make a mean taco salad... Just sayin'!). So without any further ado, here is our quirky rendition of...

As so often, things didn't quite go according to plan, and video production was running way behind schedule. Although, nothing a couple of all-nighters couldn't fix. And fix it they did. We do hope this little ditty brings you a bit of joy, even if just a little. We had plenty of fun recording it, so it is your patriotic duty, in the spirit of teamwork, to have a blast watching it. Merriment shall now commence!!

Have a wonderful, magical, and joyful Christmas. Hug those you like, kiss those you love, and most importantly, stay strong and live life to the fullest!

Merry Christmas good people of the world...

T & Jae

What a Wonderful World Indeed

If you're asking me (and you may or may not, yet here we are), it is never the wrong time to remind ourselves that the sky is indeed still blue and trees are yet green; clouds are still fluffy and white, and even if they're not, life still demands to be lived.

With that being said, here's another offering in our incredible remote-recording series entitled The Incredible Remote-Recording Series. This time around we put our spin on a song made famous by that old pioneer of growly (yet delightfully smooth) vocals and splendid trumpeteering. Yes, it is none other than Louis Armstrong of whom I speak, and the song is that wonderfully positive anthem of positivity...

As per the usual agreement, Jae took it upon herself to sing like only she can, while I fiddled around with a multitude of colored knobs and a vast variety of different-sized levers to make sure the music and video came out just right.

You may wonder how it is that Debra Birkhimer is tickling the ivorys while simultaneously performing the sultry alto background vocals you hear. It was no easy feat (let me tell ya!), and involved some highly technical lingo (and a couple of calls to tech-support). Suffice it to say the time-machine works!

I would also like to guide your attention to our newest "Incredible Remote-Recording Series" family member. For the undisclosed sum of ten-thousand and four dollars the ever so delightfully pleasant Amanda Birkhimer agreed to take on the excruciatingly difficult role of lead soprano background vocalist. If you stick around to the very end of the video you're in for a particularly awesome treat. There's a reason why we she was our first "pick."

Stay safe, stay healthy, and, most of all, don't forget that life is here to be lived... So go out and live it!


On a More Serious Note

When I wrote my previous blog post we were smack-dab in the middle of the infamous 2020 COVID-19 lock-down here in New York City, as well as most of the rest of the world. All we wanted to do was to get through quarantine without going stir crazy, restart the economy, and go about our business. How is it possible that since then things managed to get even worse? As it stands now, the US is in upheaval with riots, screaming, yelling, looting, beating, shooting all around us.

Holier-than-thou celebrities “take responsibility” (or so the teleprompter tells them to say) by making somber black-and-white videos while virtue signaling over a sad and ever so profound piano accompaniment, saying “Hey, did you know that racism is bad?” (“Oh?!” you reply, with shame and guilt plaster all over your pasty white face, “I had no fucking idea!”); corporations change product names and remove “offensive” logos, to let everyone know that they, too, have realized that really bad things are really bad things (only wicked minds would think that it is rather because they don’t want to go against the current current of virtue signaling race pandering, so as to keep selling their fair-trade soaps and gender-neutral cereals, their overpriced sneakers and multiracial maple syrups); people kneel before other people, apologizing for things they never did, to people who never had those things done to them; the interwebs, from Twitter to Facebook and beyond, find themselves in a feeding frenzy, doing their best to cancel everyone and anyone who dares to diverge from the narrative of The Party (see Orwell’s 1984 for reference, in case you don’t know what I’m talking about).

We are past the point of claiming that Words are Violence, and we’ve moved on to the much more reasonable slogan of Silence is Violence. So, if you don’t fall in line, if you don’t go along with the prevailing way of thinking, and therefore don’t say the right thing, of, indeed, anything at all, then you are at fault; you are the enemy. The screeching masses don’t seem to realize that inevitably the tide will turn, and then they will be the ones on the “wrong” side of popular opinion. Only this “reckoning” will be homemade. It seems that there are many people these days, people who have never been particularly political, and who have never thought in terms of race, color, sexual orientation, and so on, who are being pushed into more and more extreme ways of thinking (and feeling) by those who blame them for everything, whether these people are actually at fault or not. Facts don’t matter, it seems.

Is there even one amongst us who is so wonderfully perfect as to never have uttered a “hurtful” word, made an “offensive” joke, or said or did something “wrong.” With these full-of-themselves social justice worriers spending their time searching for WRONGTHINK on other people’s Twitter feeds, going back to the year 1751, it is pretty much guaranteed that somewhere something was said that would somehow offend someone in some sort of way. Does anyone remember that old saying about throwing stones while sitting in glass houses?

Even worse than canceling individuals, it is history itself which is being cancelled. “Problematic” statues are being removed (in many cases torn down by a violent mob); schools, streets, and public places renamed (Black Lives Matter Plaza, Calhoun Honors College, etc.); words edited out of (often classic) books (Tom Sawyer, Huckleberry Finn, etc.); scenes cut from movies or movies being banned, removed, or addended with “expert explanations” of the subject matter (Gone With the Wind); and shows (old and new) cancelled for being offensive to some (Little Britain, Fawlty Towers, etc.), so as to not let anyone see what came before.

Of course we all know the famous saying “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” How will anyone remember the past as it was, good and bad, and subsequently learn from the mistakes of previous generations, if the past has been sanitized and all traces of wrongdoing, all mistakes, all crimes against humanity, all misunderstandings between people removed? By removing the bad we also remove the good many of those people (and others) did. The world simply isn’t as binary as many would want for it to be. It’s not as black and white (pardon the pun) as many seem to think. Good and evil are intertwined, often within the same person, sometimes with the same action. And let’s face it, what’s offensive to some, just isn’t so to others. Humor, caricature, sarcasm, often plays with stereotypes (racial or otherwise). Those art forms are all but dead in the current hypersensitive social climate. How would people nowadays react to George Carlin, Richard Prior, Lenny Bruce, and others? “NOOOO! He said a word… I’m literally dying!!! Ahh…”

The fact that, according to the social justice police, some groups (those of a certain skin color) are allowed to use certain words, but others are not, is ludicrous. Oddly enough, this kind of thinking is only too prevalent in the groups which are currently yelling the loudest to dismantle police departments across the nation. It’s not that they don’t want policing, it’s just that they want to do it themselves; they want to be in power. And once they are, everyone who doesn’t play by their rules is in for it.

Is the system we currently have perfect? Far from it, but what’s happening right now is not fixing any of the problems we face. If anything, it makes things worse by attacking people who have nothing to do with the issues at hand. I am not referring to those who physically attacked people during these idiotic riots. How does a black man shooting another black man in order to steal a TV, have anything to do with the idea that black lives matter? What I am referring to is attacking people through the concepts of Groupthink and Identity Politics, which permeate everything at this point. Once we start thinking (and speaking) in terms of “the” black people and “the” white people, or “the” police, we’re already on the wrong path. Once we segregate our thinking into black versus white, us against them, we are on the path to segregating society in the same way. I thought this is exactly what we didn’t want!

To make it clear, I, as an individual, am not responsible for the actions of previous generations—whether I am associated with them through the color of my skin, my nationality, or any other arbitrary characteristic—actions which must be seen within the context of the times they were taken in. I have often asked myself how I would have acted had I grown up in Austria or Germany during the Nazi era. I am honest enough to say, I really don’t know. We are all, to a certain extent, products of our time. What if I would have grown up as the son of a slave-owner living down south during the 18th century? What if I had been taught from a very young age that slaves are merely property? Of course we all hope that we would have applied modern day standards, and would have turned out to be heroes of the emancipation movement; that we would have fought for that which we now see as morally correct. But would we really have done so at the time, under those particular circumstances?

I am also not responsible for actions taken by any other person living today, even if that person has the same skin color as I do. It seems ridiculous to have to explain this in the year 2020!

I am responsible for my actions, and ONLY my actions. I will not allow for anyone to throw me into a group of people with whom I share only an arbitrary and coincidental characteristic such as skin color. I am not part of “the” white people, just as I am not part of “the” men, or “the” straights. I am an individual with not allegiance to any particular group, not adhering to any particular school of thought other than my own. If I am treated with respect, I will do the same in return; if I am treated without common courtesy, I will do the same (and will, most likely, not want to have anything to do with people who treat me that way). Don’t tell me what I think or who I am, simply because of your preconceived notions, or, indeed, the color of my skin. That, as far as I understand it, is racism.